Grooming Guide

Beard Grooming 101

Welcome to our beard grooming guide. You’re obviously here because you already have a fabulous man mane or are in the process of creating one. Crafting the perfect beard takes time, it requires patience and a fair bit of maintenance. Every beard grows in it’s own way, some fast, others slow, but almost all will experience the ‘itch’ and potential irregular growth patterns.
Washing your beard regularly and applying a natural oil will help reduce, if not eliminate, the itch entirely. Generally this phase only lasts a few weeks, depending on the pace of your beard growth! If you’re going for the ‘bush pig’ look then you can let your facial follicles go rogue and keep the clippers in the draw. If you’ve got a Mrs (or want one) keeping some degree of shape to your beard is recommended. Trim your beard to the style you want, but let the areas where growth is required grow freely. Applying beard oil will help you shape your beard and give your man chops the goodness needed to flourish. It will also help keep the underlying skin subtle and soft, but don’t say that out loud!

Beard Grooming 102

So now you’re up to speed, you’ll need some of these products to help you along the way. You can get all the oil you need by having a look at our shop but we recommend talking to your local barber about grooming products. Many of our stockists are professional beard groomers so why not give one of them a call or pay them a visit.
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